End of april

It is almost the end of April which means this month's 'blue' theme is almost over. The next chosen color is purple. I'm probably going to keep working on Dew Drop Fairy as there is purple in this and I'm not quite tired of the design yet. I did finish the first two pages of the design, the third page is skinnier than the first two so it shouldn't take as long

The sewing pattern I ordered was still on backorder and would possibly take up to three weeks to come. My performance is in three weeks. I called the local fabric store and thankfully they had it in stock. So I have my pattern, I cut it out and made the modifications for my length and have everything downstairs to cut the fabric tomorrow. I may make a modification to the sleeve pattern to make it more suitable for lifting my arms.

We finished the choreography for the showcase today. It ended up being a combination of waltz, cha cha, rumba, paso doble, and jive. It's not easy and I was tired by the end of the lesson.  Tomorrow I'm going to head to NYC to get a new pair of shoes. I need black and unfortunately the style that I wear in my normal heels comes with a silver heel that "Mr. Picky" doesn't' like for me.

In addition, all those lovely HEAD patterns arrived today along with the new fabric for 'insanity'. I'll use the old fabric for the new HEAD's. Whichever ones I end up working on first. I need to finish up a few other WIPS before I start something else though.

I also ordered some stretch fabrics from a vendor that's decided to get out of the dress making business and focus on other things. She's selling them really cheap. Most end up being $2-3/yd on fabrics that retail at $13+. Good deal. I've gotten some nude fabrics. Here are a few of the more interesting ones.
These are on auction, let's hope I get them.


  1. Ooooooh nice fabrics! And Dew Drop fairy is coming along very well! I'd definitely keep stitching on her while you are enjoying it :)

    Good luck with the shoe shopping!

  2. Nice update on DD fairy! And good luck with the fabric auctions, those fabrics all look gorgeous.


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