Dwts season 14 week 6 performance

I know a lot of you visiting tonight are following a re-tweet from either @dwtsgossip or @dwtsmaksimfans. I thank them for doing that. Please follow me on twitter @khascat to know when I update my blog.

Gladys. No hip action, her feet were flicking up off the floor when they don't be. Footwork looked odd and her ones were bent too much. She looked like her arms were a bit lost at times. She enjoyed it but she isn't the best dancer. I liked her dress. Way over scored.

Maria. Not fond of the hopping in the choreography. Foxtrot is usually smooth. still too straight in hold. I had trouble seeing her feet long enough to tell if she was doing the heel leads. I don't know if I would have given them 9's.

Roshon. He had hip action, at least the figure eights, and Chelsea didn't dance around him while he took two steps. Kudos for him. It was however not smooth enough for a rumba. More movement through his body would fill up the time more. He also needed to settle in his hips. I liked her dress, but not fond of the color. I'll agree with the scores.

Katherine. Song isn't really a samba. Her voltes need a little work. She has the bounce, although it's supposed to be absorbed through the stomach so your head stays at the same level. I didn't particularly like the 'funk' but understand why they added it especially with that song. I like the dress. Maybe a little high but she's still one of the best of the bunch.

Donald. It seemed a tiny bit hoppy but it was decent. I enjoyed watching it. I like her dress. Can I have it? One of my favorite colors. I agree with the scores.

Melissa. Probably her best dance. Very basic, elegant Viennese waltz. Could've worked on keeping the motion going in her arms rather than stopping for a beat. I like her dress. Underscored.

Jaleel. He was picking his feet up off the floor too much with the lock steps and new yorkers. lock steps looked a little awkward. Not much cha cha content actually. Over scored.

William. What's with putting them in brown? And Cheryl danced around him. He barely moved and the bit he did was not that good. They played on the sex appeal. Scored way too high.

Dance marathon. The format makes it hard to give comments on everyone, but I think they got the order fairly correct.

It's Gladys' time to go home this week. She's clearly the weakest left.


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