Dwts season 14 week 3 performance

Jack. Samba, oh boy. One of the hardest dances to get right technically. What's with the odd color choices for this couple? He had a little bounce on a very sort section. No hip action (what were you looking at Len?), hunched over, looked strange overall. I predict over inflated scores. And I was right.

Maria. It wasn't too bad technically but the steps she took looked flat. She didn't have much time to use her arms as Derek had her in hold almost the entire time. It was more steps then I'm used to seeing in a rumba on the show by a female celeb. Too high of scores once again.

Gladys. Song is more an American rumba than a foxtrot but they only follow international Latin on the show. I'm not seeing heal leads. It was smooth like the foxtrot should be but a bit underwhelming. I like the dress, reminds me a bit of my dress. I think they were judging on something other than her dance.

Roshon. Not bad but I could pick on improper technique with this dance all day. Song was not traditional by any means. You would not hear this used for competition. He's really skinny and detracts any masculine aura those moves would normally have. Scored a bit high but I may give it to him.

Gavin. Well the hat disappears for part of rehearsal... I give him credit for moving his hips in the cucarachas and opening out but it was a lot of Karina dancing around him and poses. His face was kind of blank the entire dance. Pivots were heavy and a bit awkward. Karina'a dress was, interesting? bit high for lack of footwork but I'll give it to him for hip action.

Katherine. Pretty song, pretty dress. Not much to criticize except not far enough into proper position. Head better then most but still straight in the upper body. That and the foot lift off the floor. Feet always skim the floor unless lifting into a develope or in a held spinning position. I'll give them the scores.

Sherri. She played the emotion rather than anything else. She didn't settle, no hip action, and her footwork looked sloppy. She stayed balanced during the turns. Knees were a little too bent. Scores too high for technical but like last week was based on performance. Didn't care for the dress.

Melissa. Clean but could pick up her knees more. Looked like she was walking through part of it. Liked the slow parts. Rumba should be a good dance from her. They may get good scores tonight? Yay for 8's. But still low for the night.

Jaleel. Smooth, but didn't really look rumba. Odd song. Is it really that empirical to revisit stephen? I would've given slightly lower.

William. Traditional song. You do not need to pick your feet up that much for the salsa basic. makes it look heavy. He had hip action, but I think it was more if the gyrating kind then out of any from salsa technique. Scored way too high.

Donald. The smoke hid most of his footwork. I saw pigeon toes and probably heel leads. Peta's dress is different. I like it. Scored on emotional content.

Five way tie for the bottom. Sheesh.


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