Dwts season 14 week 4 performance

Rock week. Prepare sure lots of leather, chains, eyeliner, tango and paso doble. I know some Viennese waltzes that would fit but I'd be surprised if we see one. And if they use a song by Adam Lambert I well cringe. The singers botched the last one horribly.

Sherri. She looked tentative with her steps. Maybe it was the boots. I have a similar pair, but higher heel, but can't dance comfortably due to lack of flexibility in the ankle. Seemed like they walked through it, not much was sharp. Most emotion seemed to be in the table. Val looked good. Sherri's top kept her contained. I agree with scores.

Katherine. I like how they did her make up. Not bad but a little too much time with the 'skirt'. The shoes may have been a factor like Sherri. Can I have the outfit? I'll agree with the scores.

Jaleel. He had the heel leads and his frame seemed to stay put, but his butt looked like it was sticking out a not. Better tango than Sherri. I agree with lack of aggression, but that song didn't lends itself to that. Liked hey dress, but the leopard ruffle is a little too big for my taste. I'll agree with the scores.

Melissa. Good choreography, he always does goods paso's. She kept up with Maks. One criticism, she hit a pose and stayed there. She needed to fill up the space with aggression. Maybe a little low with the scores.

Donald. He had the posturing and presentation correct. Could have done without the crazy facial expression. I'll agree with the scores.

Gladys. No heel leads. either flat foot or toes. Not the best song to use for a tango. She looked like she was being pulled by Tristan. I'll agree with the scores but that war not a good performance.

William. Kicks weren't bad, but he looked lost at the end, trick was botched. Didn't look much like a jive. Very little he looked comfortable with. Chasses were too hoppy. Scores were too high. Not fond of her dress.

Roshon. I like this song. Not as smooth as it should be. He has a jerky up and down. He pulled it off but could have been better. I like get dress, I probably wouldn't wear it though. I think the scores were a tad high. I would have given all 8's.

Maria. Interesting way to get rid of the outer costume. Props to the choreography. I wouldn't rave on it like the judges. Scores too high.

Gavin. I do not like Karina's dress. I think that may have been the best he's done so far. He's shoulders were high and some parts were a little funky with his feet. I liked the tricks. I think the scores may have been a tad high.

Overall lower scores from the previous weeks but they still over score some people. I enjoyed it but as you can see I'm picky, but I can pick out things I need to improve myself by watching the videos of my own performances.


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