A change of projects

First off, I reached 1000 views on my big. Not bad for just three months. Now when I was stitching on 'cats...' on Thursday, it wasn't really holding my interest. I figured it would happen eventually, the style doesn't fit with most of my projects. So up comes 'stitchers hangout' monthly theme SAL of 'blue.' First thing that came to mind was GK's 'mountain landscape with a castle'. The first route of pages are mainly blue sky. I took this picture before I started working on it again.

This is 17 rows of 52 stitches on the first page. Below, is a picture of the fabric I'm stitching on.

You can barely see the section I've done. I estimate the back is 1/8" thick with thread. I have to use size 5 embroidery needles and an adhesive leather thimble pad to push it through. I estimated a while ago that at the rate I can stitch on this piece even if I work on it 24/7 it will still take me over a year. I have a feeling it's closer to two years. I've nicknamed this my 'insanity' piece because I was insane to take it on. 794x572 = 454,168 stitches. It's a 158 page chart if I remember correctly, and I'm doing it 2 over 1 on 28 ct fabric if I recall correctly.

This is a picture my teacher took of us after we had finished dancing for the day.  For those interested in seeing the professional photographers shots of the day (I weeded myself out) http://ryankennerphotography.zenfolio.com/nQFeaEwIA58A2so-h.fav  I do have the video and will eventually put these up on youtube but first I have to find which external hard drive my ripping software is on.


  1. Nice progress on your stitching projects, Katie.

  2. The piccy is beautiful Katie. I love the vibrant reds and blacks. You both look wonderful. And great job on the stithing front. I switch off every week with my current rotation. Keeps things fresh. I don't really feel bored with my stitching, per se, I just slow down on it. So I'm rotating to keep that from happening. Cats, Cats, Cats is not my style either, but I can still appreciate it. The blues and greens in your GK are beautiful.


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