Dwts season 14 week 5 performance

I love Santana. That reminds me I need to put some more of his music back on my phone... Just a note, like the quickstep, I've never danced argentine tango, but I know what it's supposed to look like.

Jaleel. Little hoppy with his voltes but he had more hip action then I usually see fun a make celebrity. Kym's outfit is interesting. I'll agree with the scores so far.

Melissa. Her arms looked a little dead and like she was slipping on the floor a bit. She was trying, she didn't mess up the steps but it looked a little off. The dress is interesting, but I've prefer to wear Kym's. I'll agree with the scores.

Maria. Why is she dressed like brazilian samba but dancing salsa. Her laugh is still annoying. Salsa is not hard and she was doing basic steps with tricks. She could've used more hip movement, no rounding as she changed direction, just to the side if that. Hard to tell from my angle. It just looked odd to me. Scored too high.

Katherine. Clean, interesting, but she looked like she was concentrating on the steps rather than the passion in places. Arm when not in hold looked a bit lost. I'll agree with the scores.

Gavin. Should I even try and list all the things wrong with that dance? Let's just say it was bad and move on. I would've given even lower scores.

William. This song is not a tango. Most of it was Cheryl dancing around him. I'll give him the acting but he better be good at that. Katherine's was better. Scored high.

Gladys. Too tentative. Too straight while doing the rolls. I couldn't even tell she was supposed to be doing batucatas. No bounce, feet never went anywhere. Not her best dance. Way over scored.

Roshon. He had hips, and everything else. Best salsa of the night. Little bit of chelsea dancing around him at one point. Maybe a little low considering how others were scored.

Donald. Can I have her dress? Good routine. I liked it better then William's. Should have been at least equal or above William.


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