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I know I usually do my updates Sunday but I wanted a little spacing between these types of updates and my weekly posting of DWTS opinions.

Well, I managed to only get 3 rows done on 'insanity' this week. I wasn't expecting much and it's not enough to take a picture of. It took me almost two hours to do the first row, granted I was distracted slightly by TV. Upon nearly completing the next row, I realized I had gone down several stitches as 2x1 and had to redo them. Not easy with the stitch size and amount of thread already on the back. I had time during the week to work on it more given I was home sick from work, but I wasn't able to give it the amount of concentration it would need. I tried to but managed to only find I had messed up on the last stitch, another 2x1 but the other way then some conflict with the blends that I didn't want to deal with. Oh well. This piece is going to take me a long time even if I didn't screw up. I'm very tempted to scrap what I've done so far and either do half cross-stitch or find a fabric with larger holes. The reason for this particular set up was I don't know where or how to find a piece big enough to accomodate it unless I ended up stitching several together after I had finished. 18ct would cause it to be approximately 44"x32". At least i think it would be stitched quicker. Thoughts or ideas?

I did however manage to rip and post my videos from the showcase in September (yes I know, long time ago but I did only get the DVD in march) and my last competition. I should have the pictures from the photographer mid week.

My September showcase

Open bronze latin

Closed gold latin

Open latin 3 dance

Open smooth



  1. Lovely videos, except they kept stopping to load. It interfered with the flow some. But you look great Katie. I love the purple dress that you made too. You look fab in it!! And I know there's a place you can buy really unusual cuts of fabby (they hand cut to your specs), but I can't remember where it is. I'll try and think on it...


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