She has a face

I've added more to 'dew drop fairy'. Her upper body and hair are done. I may move on to adding the metallics on the page I'm working on next week. You can sort of see the ones I've already added sparking on the wings on the left.

In terms of my dancing, rumba and paso sections are mostly choreographed for the showcase. Also, my pattern hasn't shipped yet though I ordered it a week and a half ago and the company said they usually ship next business day. It hasn't been charged to my credit card though. I find it a bit odd.


  1. Love that metallic sparkle Katie. And weird that they haven't charged you. I think I would write (or call) and find out what's up with that!

  2. I sent them an e-mail Thursday but haven't heard back yet. Possibility of them being on vacation?


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