DWTS season 19: week 10

I'm on time again this week.

Sadie. It wasn't bad but it didn't feel like a Quickstep to me. And the beginning seemed slow. Too high for me.

Tommy. I don't know if he did anything during that routine. Too high.

Bethany. I felt it was too up. It was staccato. Cute routine but not really samba. Too high.

Janel. Another odd musical choice. I felt like Val dragged her around a few moves. I agree with the scores.

Alfonso. It was probably due to his back but he looked restrained. He didn't do much. The song was more a cha cha. A little high.

Unplugged round.

Sadie. The guitar was interesting but detracted for me. A little high for me.

Tommy. Still a lot of Peta dancing around him. Timing went off several times. Too high.

Bethany. I was concentrating more on the movement of the frame than her dancing. I'll give them the scores.

Janel. Best Argentine Tango of the night. The transitions out of the lifts could've been better. I agree with the scores.

Alfonso. I could still see his back affecting the dance. A little high but I'll give them the scores.

And Tommy finally goes home.


  1. Thank God Tommy went home. The people who are in the finals are exactly the ones who deserve to be there.


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