I caved

Although I haven't really finished anything this week, I do have "finishes".

I have finished page 2 of Fantasy Triptych.

I have finished page 3 of Insanity. (I know it's still the top of a tree)

And I have finished sewing the heptagons to the afghan.

But in reference to the title of the this post, I have finally caved in regards to Stitch From Stash. I may have gone a bit overboard with the combination of gift money plus Joann's sale on DMC.

It started off with knowledge of the sale and 'innocently' browsing the clearance page at abcstitch. Which led to the following purchases.
Holiday Tree V
Cirque Des Cercles
Dragon's Eye
Looking Glass - Black 
Sleepy Hollow
Blue Dragon Fairy
The peacock and Looking Glass are kits, and the last one is the only non-sale item.

I then made a list of thread for the following: (Oriental, Leopard in the Grass, and Friends)

All GK's I had purchased last year. Although I remembered the bolt of 18ct aida I have isn't wide enough for the first one, I browsed to a site I had bookmarked for large cuts of fabric. It was initially indented for 2 other patterns that require 51" on one side (I contemplated getting the fabric for those but decided against it). But what was the point of only ordering one thing? So the following found their way into my cart.
Last one is a kit and was on sale along with the first chart. Along with the specialty fibers for Sleepy Hollow from the first purchase. Therefore, I added the DMC for that piece and the blue dragon fairy to my list of thread to buy. Contemplated getting the thread for the leopard but decided against it at the store.

And since I was going to spend a lot this month anyway, I picked up these two kits.

Kitty Trio

Indian Peacock

I do have one more 'shopping cart' that includes the fabric for sleepy hollow, along with a few other things. But I'm holding off for a bit. Kind of hoping for a black friday sale at the site to possible bring down the price.

So, uh. Oops?


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