It starts

My progress on Insanity. The next page is mostly sky, as is the rest of the row. It should hopefully take less time.

Also, shipment #1 came in. Blue Dragon Fairy is backordered and the Threedles design was not a kit but a really detailed instruction sheet. Either way, I just had to start on Peacocks. I found it interesting how they packaged the anchor thread.

And this is what I accomplished in about two hours around 3am. Had to stop because I had trouble focusing my eyes. And apparentely my camera didn't orient correctly. Please tilt your head to the left to properly view photo.

Ended up working on this for four hours.
I made this previously in Tudor. Making it again to check hours spent and also to get a better picture of the finished product as the original is no longer in my possession.

I also frogged my Chrysanthemum Shawl and started over with the recommended hook size. I had gone down 1mm to match gauge but it came out small and the 4th ball of yarn wasn't used. I managed to redo it to almost the edging.

Shipment #2 will be here monday with Hypnotic Leopard being backordered as well. And I ordered some things from Mary Maxim but that won't ship until all 'backordered' items are in stock. I know I will be placing a shipment #4, but am holding off in hopes of a black friday/cyber monday sale.


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