DWTS Season 19: Week 9

Sorry for the late post, I was on set last night and didn't get home until almost 4am.

Why is Tommy safe?

Alfonso. Pretty good. Rise and fall was a bit abrupt. I like her dress. I agree with the scores.
Just an odd note, why was that last tweet they showed about Randy couture?

Tommy. It was ok. He messed up at the end. Viennese Waltz has the fewest syllabus steps. I'll agree with the scores.

Lea. There was no bounce and get knees were too bent at the beginning. I liked the choreography. I'll don't think it was 9s.

Bethany. Pretty. I agree with the scores.

Sadie. Her feet never pointed. I felt it was sloppy in her lower body. A little high for me.

Janel. Nice and crisp. There was a stumble at one point but they caught back up. I agree with the scores.

Trio dance.

Alfonso. I liked it. Having done flamenco earlier helped. I agree with the scores.
Tommy. He didn't do much. And he walked through most of the samba steps. 7s were really generous.

Lea.  I didn't feel the attack from her. Not sharp enough. I did enjoy Henry and Artem.  A little high for me.

Bethany. Too staccato for me. It had the elements but not the feel of an Argentine Tango. A little high for me.

Sadie. I really liked the dance. There was a place at the end where Sadie wasn't finishing her movements. I'll give her the scores.

Janel. Interesting. I agree with the scores.
And Lea goes home. While better than Tommy, I felt she had plateaued and wasn't fully connecting with her latest dances.


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