DWTS Season 19: Week 11 Night 2

And tonight is officially the last night of the season.
Randy. Foxtrot is still the best dance of the three he did. Never quite lived up to that potential with the Latin dances.

I liked Artem and Lindsay dancing.

Cute America tease from Val and Janel.

Jonathon. Don't put him next to Twitch.

Betsey. The pink button on the tutu was distracting and she still couldn't remember the routine.

I think Sadie danced that cha cha better at the beginning of the season.

Michael. He's still horrible.

Antonio. Knees were too bent and I think he did heel leads.

Alfonso didn't go quite as all out as the first time he danced the Carlton.

Lea. She could do so much more. I refer you to the pro dance with Karina, Maks, and Tony to the same song.

And another two good pro routines and teases.

Tommy. And he completely forgot the majority of the routine.

A beautiful pro Viennese Waltz.

Cute cake. Happy birthday Bruno!

Bethany. She kept her standard up.

I love Twitch. 

Final round.

Sadie. Samba/Quickstep. The Quickstep portion was better then the samba. Too high.

Janel. Foxtrot/Paso. Not much foxtrot but the song didn't allow for it at the end. I wouldn't put those styles to that song but somehow it worked without distracting me. Very well danced. I agree with the scores.

Alfonso. Cha cha/Argentine Tango. Another good dance. I agree with the scores.

And another round canceled out by giving everyone the same scores.

And in third place... Janel and Val. I would've placed them above Sadie.

And the winners are Alfonso and Witney. I agree.


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