Overnight shifts really mess with me. Anyway, this is what I accomplished on peacocks. Not bad for a total of about 8 hours... Stitched in the wee hours of the morning...

My progress on Insanity. I didn't get that much done this week.

I had a small, unplanned cave to stash, again. I started looking at Annie's and there was a pattern on sale, with 3 left that I had to get. It's also no longer listed on their website.

It's almost a dead ringer to Onyx. See?

She was laying on my lap at the time that picture was taken. Since I can never seem to order just one thing (might as well maximize my shipping), also picked up the following plus 2 jewelry kits.

The longer it takes for a possible Black Friday sale online, the longer my list gets. I also got a little frantic when I realized I couldn't find a piece of fabric. Thankfully I did locate it but it wasn't where I thought it was.


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