DWTS Season 19: Week 11 night 1

It's the finale! Where did the season go?

Round 1 - judges pick

Bethany. It was pretty good. A few places she messed up and got out of time with Derek. I'll give her the scores.

Sadie. No bounce or hips. Same as last time. She also seemed to mess up a bit as well. Too high.

Janel. I think the song fits salsa more then samba. It wasn't as clean as it could've been. Her injury was affecting her.

Alfonso. Only dance so far that I felt hadn't dropped from its first performance. I agree with the scores.

Round 2 - freestyle

Bethany. I liked the tricks but in surprised they went so hip hop. I'll give them the scores but a little high for me.

Sadie. Cute but i felt there were parts that didn't for her. Too high.

Janel. That fit them. I agree with the scores.

Alfonso. Very fun. The most 'ballroom' of the freestyles. I agree with the scores.

Freestyles canceled each other out in terms of scoring, as usual.

And the president has interrupted do got sent home tonight. As well as the beginning of Castle. :( According to Twitter, Bethany and Derek went home.


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