Welcome to November

Where has the year gone?

My progress so far on Triptych. I may spend the rest of the year (assuming I don't get sick of it) working on insanity as I gave up on my 'work on it once a week' promise earlier. About the time I got my new lamp, because of the position of the magnifying glass.

Here are two heptagons I made to finish up the cathedral rose window afghan. There is some difference but it should be fine. Left is new, right is old.

And here's Onyx giving me an odd look when I took her picture the other day. It's either the angle or she may have just been sleepy.


  1. Nice update on Tryptych and good luck with Insanity. I have a hope to get on with my WIPs too instead of starting something new... but we'll see how that goes. The differences in the crochet don't seem too noticeable, and it could always be different lots of glass. :)


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